Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Wedding Day: Almost finished!

This weekend and the last few days:

Finished bridesmaid dress #3 and started #4
Finished a bunch of Huge Craft Project (I can't wait to get my new camera so I can take pictures)
Cut down one of our readings to manageable size, then sent it and the other two to our readers for their perusal pre-wedding
Worked on the ceremony, still not finished
Got RSVP from the last people we were waiting on (my flaky uncle and his SO, who are coming, yay!)
Found a possible source of lemons (for lemonade) and flowers
Started to get really excited
Had work shower, received thoroughly unexpected large check from one coworker (and some other stuff, too. Also, I got to eat carrot cake which is one of my favorites and something I almost never get to eat because Dan doesn't like desserts featuring cream cheese, so if I made a carrot cake I would have to eat it all myself.)
Called wholesale flower place to find out what flowers will be available, in case my mom's yard and our other hookup don't pan out
Mailed off 3 finished bridesmaid dresses and worked on #4, which is giving me fits. I'm all finished except the stupid zipper.

So what's left to do before we leave for CA?
Complete Huge Craft Project (one more piece!)
Printing thankyou notes (Dan is doing this at school)
Design and print program (Dan again)
Finish playlist for eating and dancing
Rent music equipment
Rent kilts/etc.
Send off checks to everyone who needs checks
Give final numbers to caterer
Figure out final seating arrangement (we're doing escort cards and assigned tables but not assigned seats to minimize family awkwardness)
Table name cards and stickers for escort cards (Dan again)
Print escort cards
Finish ceremony
Send email to photographer re: shots we want (formals)
Finish zipper on the last dress and mail it off to QIR
Make a list of everything we need to bring to CA (our car is going to be stuffed to the gills!)

Also, I had a dermatologist appointment today that I'd made weeks ago for what I thought was a skin infection on my face that I had for months. It cleared up when I took the antibiotics for my sinus/ear infections (so I think I'm right about what it was) but then as I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago I ended up breaking out in hives on my face that spread all over, and they've gotten a little better but not much. I've switched shampoo, body wash, face wash, moisturizer, lotion, changed the sheets on the bed, analyzed my diet to determine whether I've started eating anything new or too much of any one thing, and taken Benadryl at night (can't take it during the day because it makes me sleepy). Still hivey. My insurance is through Kaiser, which notoriously makes you wait weeks and weeks for appointments, so my dermatologist appointment was made in January. I opted to keep the appointment and pay the stupid $50 fee, and left with a prescription for doxycycline (the derm thinks it's stress-induced weird acne and not hives, even though they itch and benadryl seems to help). Oh well, at least it will keep any other stress-induced zits away.

And what will we be doing in CA for the week before the wedding?

Getting the marriage license
Getting our cake(s) (and possibly pies)
Picking, buying, and arranging flowers
Making a huge costco run for afterparty supplies
Find a pin or brooch for the front of my dress - I've exhausted Denver's possibilities and so I hope to find one at a sparkly store in SF
Final dress fitting
Possibly purchasing longline strapless bra to minimize appearance of belly button (you can see it through my dress!)
Finding sari fabric to make myself a shrug (possibly)
Enjoying a night of debauchery in the city (seperately)

And, I'm sure, a million other things that I am forgetting. But it'll all get done. I'm feeling very zen at the moment; the stress of a few weeks ago is slowly ebbing. All things considered, we're in great shape (both literally and figuratively) - I mean, the people who got married last fall whose wedding we were in didn't even find a caterer until 3 weeks before their wedding, so I'm feeling pretty good about where we stand.

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Sounds like you've got everything handled!! But if you need any last minute wedding accessories, check out

Good luck! :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

$50 copay? My eyes are bugging out.

Sara said...

You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

I set aside some James Bond poster artwork UK postage stamps to send to Dan a while ago but never did. Send me your new address because I think you have moved from the one I had before

I remember Dan made me laugh about about George Lazenby outside the Empress of China restaurant one night

Which is worth a stamp in anyones book


Yank In Texas said...

You're getting there. I am so disappointed I won't be there. I can't wait to see pictures of how everything turns out! It'll all come together.