Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Wedding Day: Nitty Gritty

Looking at last week's post, here was my list of stuff to do before we leave:

Complete Huge Craft Project - done!
Printing thankyou notes
Design and print program - almost done, designed (mostly) but not printed
Finish playlist for eating and dancing - in progress
Rent music equipment
Rent kilts/etc. - done!
Send off checks to everyone who needs checks - some checks are done
Give final numbers to caterer
Figure out final seating arrangement - done!
Table name cards and stickers for escort cards - done!
Print escort cards - ready to print pending any more changes
Finish ceremony - in progress
Send email to photographer re: shots we want - done!
Finish zipper on the last dress and mail it off to QIR - done!
Make a list of everything we need to bring to CA - in progress and may be finished

Here's the update, in progress:
Print thankyou notes (Dan is doing this week)
Finish and print program
Finish playlist for eating and dancing - I think we are close, just need to play around with the song order some
Rent music equipment
Payment to caterer (due on the 19th) and photographer (due on wedding day)
Final numbers to caterer
Print escort cards, put stickers on them
Finish ceremony - I think we're pretty close, but not quite done
Packing list is pretty comprehensive but I'm going to go over it a few more times

We had one cancellation and one addition earlier this week, plus found out from some people we knew wouldn't be able to RSVP until the last minute that they are not able to attend. There is one person up in the air who will have to squish in to a table where he knows people if he comes. I sent him an email but haven't heard back yet. I've been holding off on printing the escort cards until we're pretty well sure that the attendee list is finalized.

There are a few little crafty things we're still working on, like holders for the table name cards, and some crafty things that will be done just before the wedding (like flowers). I made a hair appointment today with the lady who cut my hair when I was growing up, whose daughter went to preschool with me, and will go in for a trial hair run in the week before the wedding. It looks like we'll have an easy time finding a cheap hotel room in Vegas for the middle of the week coming back from California. And I found a place to have some girly pampering done that takes the gift certificate my sister gave me for giftmas (spafinder). Now, is the leg wax price for two legs or one? Can anybody tell me?

Also, what should I do for my day-off birthday on Friday?


Anonymous said...

Leg wax is for both legs. Unlike cooter wax, which is only for one cooter.

Happy Birthday. It is your birthday now. Maybe Dan beat me to it.

I think that for this, the fourth of many milestone birthdays, you should have a wonderful breakfast that someone else cooks for you.
If it snows, you should dance outside with the snowflakes -- with or without the music of Tchaikovsky.

If the weather is not icky poo you should frolic outside. If the weather is icky, you should frolic inside. Forgo the steak, but don't skimp on the blow job.

You should have pie, not just for pi day, nerdette that you are, but because you like it.

Have as many candles as you want. Have a mental health day from work. Have a wedding-free day. Have a piece of Bazooka bubble gum. Be sure to read the Bazooka Joe jokes out loud to Dan.

I would like to make a post burfday dinner for you, if time permits, when you are here. I already brought the sourdough bread that you like.

Cilicious said...

What are escort cards?

MLE said...

Escort cards are name cards with table names on them so people know at which table to sit. We're doing assigned tables but not assigned seats (it's a buffet), primarily to ensure everyone gets to sit with someone they know and to minimize the amount of weirdness between my parents.