Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Superdan!

Here are some reasons why I love my husband. Go over and tell him happy birthday for me, will you?

1. He gives me hugs and kisses whenever I need/want them.

2. He makes dinner for me nearly every night.

3. He totally doesn't get weirded out by my toes.

4. He is extremely talented in many ways

5. He can draw, write, cook, and make me laugh

6. He ate a poo log on a stick in China

7. He also ate bugs - namely, beetles and grasshoppers.

8. He reads aloud to me in bed to help me fall asleep even when he's really tired or doesn't want to.

9. He doesn't make fun of me for watching America's Next Top Model or So You Think You Can Dance.

10. He can answer most questions on Jeopardy and reads Ken Jennings' Tuesday Trivia to me most Tuesday mornings.

11. He is far more intelligent than he gives himself credit for.

12. He kisses my forehead even when it has gross bumps all over it.

13. He loves to use tools and gadgets and will pull out our industrial fancy mandoline to slice two bits of red onion to put on a sandwich.

14. He folds and puts my clothes away for me sometimes because he knows how much I hate it.

15. He ran a marathon about six months after getting hit by a truck (and hadn't run before that for years and years)

16. He has interesting habits when it comes to food consumption. For example, if eating a burger and fries, he will take one bite of the burger, eat all the fries, and then eat the burger. When we make weekend breakfast, he makes coffee and brings it to the table, eats all of his breakfast, and then drinks his coffee in the living room.

17. He always lets me eat some of his french fries.

18. He loves our kitties to distraction.

19. He knows the words to at least as many show tunes as I do.

20. Sometimes he'll spend hours trying to explain things to me, like why an original Star Wars poster (Revenge of the Jedi, anyone?) is worth paying a ton of money for even when there are reproductions that are the same thing, only made more recently.

21. He has even more books than I do.

22. He feels that anything one cannot do wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars is not worth doing, which is why he wore them with his kilt for the wedding.

23. He makes up songs to sing to me and the kitties.

24. He gets up when the alarm goes off and takes the first shower so I get an extra 15 minutes or so to sleep.

25. He always comes up with the best presents and surprises.

26. He is very ticklish and doesn't mind too much when I tickle him.

27. He is very patient and kind.

28. He'll save the children, but not the British children.

29. He lets me sniff his beer and even taste it even though he knows I'm always going to make a face and tell him it smells/tastes like beer.

30. He drove all the way to California twice by himself, the second time to move me to Colorado, and spent the week driving back to Colorado with a foam pilates roller shoved behind his seat (and therefore in his back) and only complained about it like twice.

31. He loves me, and what more could I possibly ask for?

Happy birthday, Mr. Stryker. Life is wonderful because you are in the world.



Anonymous said...

What a lovely list! It seems to me that those are some very good reasons to love somebody :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute. If I ever need a husband, I'll try hard to keep my hands off.