Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?


Good: We decided to have a tasty beverage and a snack at a local dive bar when I got home from work.
Bad: The weather was crappy, so we almost didn't go.
Good: We went anyway and sat inside and enjoyed our spicy garlic wings, frings, and beverages.
Bad: I ate wings and frings. BAD!
Good: We picked up Holla and The Lovely Katherine at the airport and drove north for the weekend.
Bad: Their plane was like an hour late because of the storms.
Good: So we had time to go to Target and buy the few things off that registry that we actually wanted (a set of sheets, Apples to Apples, and the AtoA expansion pack) with some wedding gift money.
Bad: We wanted the crockpot we registered for that was on clearance but that store didn't have any in stock.
Good: Also, I had time to learn that I have two games on my cell phone.
Bad: It runs down the batteries, plus the game I played sucked.
Good: Dan's parents were still awake when we finally arrived.
Good: They had pizza for us to eat.
Bad: I ate PIZZA and WINGS and FRINGS in the same day. Gross.

Good: Sleeping in a room that gets morning sunlight.
Bad: Bad dreams all night long. What is up with that?
Good: I learned how to play Mastermind.
Good: Remembering the videocamera with our ceremony so Dan's grandma could watch it.
Bad: Realizing that the camera is out of batteries and the cord has completely disappeared, and RadioShack, Target, and BestBuy were all useless. Apparently we have to order it from the manufacturer.
Good: Going out to lunch and having tasty beverages with H & K
Bad: My turkey burger didn't have the option of a side salad. More fries (though I only ate a few)
Good: Sitting in the sun felt lovely
Bad: Until I overheated
Good: Everyone's food and beers/cider (me) were terrific
Bad: The bill was not. Eek! No wonder we almost never go out.
Good: Finding a brewery at which to taste beer that was not super packed
Amusing: We were the oldest people at the Fort Collins Brewery by several years for the first 45 minutes or so we were there.
Good: The 3 of them got to taste 8 beers for like $4 a person
Bad: I tried all of them and found all but two thoroughly foul, and those two were just marginally less objectionable.
Good: Everyone had a good time
Bad: Nobody really liked any of the beers.
Good: Dinner with Dan's whole family (aunt, uncle, cousin/husband, cousin, grandma, parents, bro & sil)
Bad: Last time that will happen in who knows how long.
Good: Played Apples to Apples, had a great time.

Good: Weather was gorgeous
Good: Everyone split up to do different things (golf, time with friend, movies/lunch)
Good: Dinner that evening in the great outdoors
Bad: Wind during dessert
Good: Hot tub
Good: Watching Harry Potter 3 on a huge screen with surround sound in cushy chairs, leading to
Amusing: All 4 of us fell asleep partway through the movie.

Bad: Weather was pretty dismal and gloomy. This reflected our moods (at least, Dan's and mine)
Good: One last breakfast together
Good: More Apples to Apples
Good: Lunch at Old Chicago (I had a lunch-sized veggie lasagne which turned out to be mighty tasty)
Bad: Having to say goodbye to H&K, because we don't know when we'll see them again (they ship out for Latvia at the end of June and sometime in July respectively)
Good: Going home, vegging on the couch with popcorn and a movie
Bad: Having a very sad husband


Erin said...

Don't buy the crockpot.

Anonymous said...

What are frings? I am intrigued...

Also, I had terrible dreams all last weekend. What's up with that?

MLE said...

Erin: Don't worry, we didn't.

JT: A mixture of fries and onion rings. Tasty, yet deadly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet baby Jeebus.