Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The little robot that could

I really like my gym. I like that they have lots of warm towels available at all times, and that they have so many different kinds of classes. The weights areas are spread out, rather than everyone trying to use equipment at the same time. They have thick mats for post-workout stretching, inflatable balls for crunching, and a billion TVs all tuned to something different. In the summer, the gym smells of kids' lunches because of the summer day camp, with the occasional small human napping on a mat in a corner and lots more chaos than usual. All in all, I'm quite pleased.

One of the perks I've noticed is that occasionally, there will be free passes to a screening of a movie available on the front counter. Last week I happened to be passing by and saw a stack of passes to WALL-E, which made me squee because I knew how much Dan has been looking forward to seeing this movie. Last night was the big night, and because it said right on the pass NO CELL PHONES I didn't bring my purse and walked into the theater empty-handed.

You always know you're watching a kids' movie when the theater smells like diapers. Luckily, Dan and I learned our lesson years ago *coughShrek2cough* and we always try to sit in the back row at a kids' movie so nobody can kick our seats. The theater we were ushered into after being WANDED (seriously, we were wanded in order to get in, I guess they're really concerned about piracy 3 days before the movie opens?) was about a 50-50 split of kids and adults. And while we were shown to the last seats in the theater, they were in the back row. Hooray!

Now, I'm not going to write a full-scale review of the movie, because Dan does that much better than I ever could. But I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. LOVED. Visually fantastic, aurally fantastic, and plenty in there for both kids and adults to enjoy. I might even go so far as to say it's up there in Pixar's top efforts, maybe even the best. And a good chunk of the film doesn't even have dialogue. It's that compelling, that entertaining, even without a lot of talking. And it's worth staying for the credits, because they're really cool as well. It's not often that I walk out of a theater thinking that I want to own that movie. But I plan to buy Wall-E as soon as it comes out, because I want to watch it over and over again. Go see it!


Yank In Texas said...

Cool. I'll put it on my list of movies to see. I an jealous of the free passes.
The new Hulk was good. Way better than the first one.

Cilicious said...

I always got wanded at sneaks in Denver. Of course, Denver was the last time I got wanded. :)Often Westword would have ads for sneaks, giving the location of the free passes.
We saw the previews for WallE and it looks great. Maybe I'll check out the new Hulk this weekend. I am not a huge Hulk fan (sorry, Nerd)but I admire the actors in the film, especially Tim Roth.

-qir said...

Wall Y also really enjoyed it. Our friend works for Pixar and took him to one of the company prescreenings.

On the pixar campus they have a lot of movie promotional props including an inflatable Wall-E the size of a kids' jumpy house.

They also have a bench that fixed Wall-E and Eve characters are sitting on. Of course Wall Y had to sit between them and put up his hand like he's pushing Wall-E aside and putting the moves on Eve.

Anonymous said...

Woo! Going to see this on Sunday, and I'm so excited about it.

Although I've been feeling a little emotional lately, and am really worried it's going to make me break out into the a Public Display of Weeping. Just the previews for Wall-E made me choke up.

Anonymous said...

We're going on a date to see it tonight! We have a special place in our hearts for Pixars seen in the theater.