Monday, July 14, 2008

Underpants circa 1982

Money I spent on a bike helmet, bike lock, swim goggles, groceries, sandals, new undies and a new skirt this weekend: Far, far too much

Thing I said that made Dan laugh: "Now that I have a bike helmet, I can go swimming!"

Favorite undies I bought: look like something Lisa Frank might have designed, with rainbows, clouds, hearts and stars in early '80s colors. I am wearing them today. $1.99 at Ross!

Bike ride we took yesterday: 2 hours, probably went about 10 miles

Last time I rode a bike anywhere except atop the old city wall in Xi'an: 1999

Panic attacks I almost had riding over train tracks because it reminded me of my bike accident back in 1999: 2

Cost to swim (or at least, play in the water) at Confluence Park: Free, though no lifeguard is on duty, and we saw about 100 people and dogs of all ages enjoying the free way to cool off

Cost to ride a "gondola" poled by a barefoot college student down part of Cherry Creek toward Confluence Park: No idea, and the views aren't exactly what I would consider romantic, though the ride probably smells better than Venice.

Loads of laundry, washed: 5

Loads of laundry, hung dry/dried in dryer: 4/1 (I won't hang towels dry, because scratchy towels suck)

Best meal cooked: Thai green curry stir-fried veggies over wide rice noodles

We didn't use a recipe and just sort of threw it together quickly because we were really hungry, but here's the gist of it.

Thai green curry with stir-fried veggies (serves 2 really big servings, or maybe 3 regular-sized ones)

Chop up any or all of the following veggies:
1 cup mushrooms
2 large carrots (bias-cut)
2 celery stalks (bias-cut)
1/3 red bell pepper
3-4 leaves napa cabbage, sliced thinly
1 baby bok choy, slice each leaf in half lengthwise

We could have added any number of other vegetables but this is what we had around.

Compose a green curry using 1/2 can coconut milk plus equivalent amount of water, some thai green curry paste, and some lime juice in a pot. Let it simmer while you cook the veggies.

Follow package directions for rice noodles. Ours said to pour hot water over noodles and let them sit for 5-8 minutes, so that's what we did. They were a little chewy, particularly since some of them stuck together, so next time we will stir them a bit while they soak.

Mash up 1/2 block of firm tofu with a fork so it's in little pieces, and season with whatever sounds good. I think Dan used the juice from half a lime, some soy sauce, and some singapore seasoning (from Penzeys).

Cook the mushrooms, carrots, celery, and bell pepper in a wok over high heat with a bit of oil, rice vinegar, and some more spices/seasonings. Chop up some cilantro and thai basil and add that. Add the tofu. When veggies are nearly done, add the napa cabbage and baby bok choy so they wilt but don't get too cooked. Add some whole thai basil leaves if you feel like it.

When noodles are ready, drain and add to bowl. Pour 1/2 veggie mixture over each bowl of noodles. Add green curry. Eat with chopsticks and spoon to get all that tasty green curry goodness.

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