Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old Business

One of the upsides to having my hard drive die and getting a new one installed in my work computer is that the thing recognizes my camera now. That means I have all the photos I've taken in the last six months ready for your viewing pleasure.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Here is Petra sitting in a spiky box lid insert thing that a wedding gift came in. We don't know why she liked it, because it had this area of cardboard spikes, but she loved it dearly.

Then we got married. On the way home, we drove down to Southern California, stopping by our favorite winery (Bonny Doon), through Las Vegas, and through Arches National Park.

Doors Open Denver in April; here is the ceiling of the Christian Science church.

Doors Open Denver; street buskers

Doors Open Denver; inside of large Gothic cathedral

Just after I hurt my leg we went to CA and walked/hobbled around the Maker Faire with Leah and Simon

This is what the back of my leg looked like a week after I tore my calf muscle

My cousin Scarlett visited in May; we went to the Botanical Garden while she was here.

June was Santa Barbara for my sister's graduation. Here's a blooming yucca at the Santa Barbara mission.

Large old tree at the mission

A neat rock on the beach in Santa Barbara with a piece of iron from a ship embedded

One of the few photos I took on a hike this summer; this was above the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.

Lissa and Curtis practicing for their wedding (sort of).

The best sign we saw in Nederland (and there were quite a few good ones).

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