Monday, October 27, 2008

Three down, two to go

Day of Odin: Spent all day (8-4) training here in Denver. Luckily we got out about an hour earlier than scheduled, so I had a chance to go to the gym. Then, me and my raging headache drove down to Stepford Springs. I had a fantastic meal (seriously, the place where we were has the BEST food) and got to bed at a reasonable hour and because of my Thursday meeting's late start, I got to sleep in.

Day of Thor: Beautiful day in Stepford surrounded on all sides by really expensive houses and people who make a lot of money and are very religious and are most certainly going to be voting for McPalin. I was allotted five minutes to present an update about my program (material that takes over 4 hours to present at a training) so I did my best and I think it went pretty well, though my heart rate is never that high unless I'm sprinting, so it was weird to feel it like that when I hadn't been doing any exercise whatsoever. I estimate I spoke in front of 200 people, which is about 4 times larger than the largest crowd I've ever addressed, and my news was pretty much all bad, so since nobody threw tomatoes at me I guess I didn't suck too badly. I snuck away during one part of the day to work out and two people in the resort's gym were wearing McCain/Palin tshirts. Alan Greenspan was eating his own foot on the teevee.

Later that afternoon/evening there was a going-away shindig for two people in my unit who are retiring, and after the early evening festivities a group of us decided to continue the party at the Golden Bee, a reconstituted 19th century pub where the beer is served by the yard, half yard, or pint, and where a piano man plays requests while the patrons all sing along. A good time was had by all; there was drunken singing and dancing and debauchery of all sorts, and this is the reason there were bees on my boobs (the staff at the Bee periodically toss stick-on fabric bees at patrons).

The shuttle returned me to the resort at around 11 PM and I figured I'd be sleeping shortly thereafter, but I couldn't sleep until almost 2. So that sucked.

Day of Freya:

Day 2 of a 2-day long meeting is always tough, especially when Day 2 is a Friday. Luckily, we finished early and I got home, unloaded, returned the car, and walked home by 4 PM. It was the end of a very, very long week and I was still feeling a little head cold-ish. Stepford Springs, at least the part where I was, is very beautiful this time of year, but the place gives me the creeps and I was so glad to be back in Denver.

I have another training on Wednesday this week, down in Stepford again, and then up north the week after, and then I am FINISHED. Thank Jeebus.

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