Friday, November 21, 2008

Good things come

a. I am feeling much better today neckwise. I hope this is a permanent and not a temporary thing.

b. Last night, I got that much closer to finishing Wombat's blanket.

c. Also, I made a successful brand new dinner (ie, made something I'd never made before): wild rice pilaf with turkey kielbasa and sauteed mushrooms, and I baked 2 halves of a golden acorn squash with brown sugar and butter. Super yummy!

d. Next week I get to see Leah and Simon, and Oldest Friend, and Scarlett, and spend time with my family, and spend time with Dan's family, and go to H&M, and go to Trader Joe's, and get a Specialty's cookie (the best cookies in the whole wide world), and go to Berkeley Bowl. And I don't have to do anything related to weddings.

e. A friend of a friend wants me to help with her wedding flowers (I offered before) and this has me very excited.

f. And I got my hairs cut today, finally! What do you all think? (It's not the most flattering photo (hello, bad skin in fluorescent light!), but you can kinda see the layers).


Sara said...

Love the haircut!

Hillary said...

love the hair

glad your neck is feeling better!

have a nice (relaxing) weekend

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Very nice - I love layers. HOT.

Yank In Texas said...

It looks really cute! Suits your face!