Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Kimba, a new(ish? how long have you been reading?) reader and blogger, has bestowed upon me some blog love. Hooray!

In return, I'm supposed to pass the love forward. The rules, as I understand them, are:

Displaying the award.
Linking back to the person who gave it to you.
Paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs.
Leaving comments on their blogs telling them they’ve received one.
Enjoying the award.

Hm. Now I have to pick seven blogs that I love. But how can I choose when there are so many? These are the ones I've been loving most in the last month:

1. Great Big Nerd. Not only my husband, but also a mighty fine writer.

2. Jive Turkey, who makes me laugh or makes me think or both every time she posts something.

3. A Girl and A Boy. Because what's better than watching a friend gestate?

4. Nothing But Bonfires, who gets to travel for work and can make the most mundane events interesting to read about.

5. Smitten Kitchen: food porn extraordinaire.

6. Streaks on the China, whose election map kept my spirits high. Also, she is very pretty.

7. All and Sundry, which is by far my favorite "mommy" blog.


Anonymous said...

WHAT?! Girl! Thank you!

Oooh. Now the pressure of paying it forward. I suppose this means I need to write a new post, huh?

kimba said...

I am a new-ish reader. I followed a link from somewhere, and now I totally can't remember where that was...