Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On becoming a grown-up: The Hotel Room

We go to California several times a year. We've gone 7 times since August of 07 which I think has to be some sort of record (granted, one of those times was to SoCal, but it was still California). When we go, we always stay with friends or family members because it helps cut down on the cost of the trip - and we've been fortunate enough to have enough people who like us that it hasn't been difficult to find places to stay.

This time, we plan to spend most of the trip staying at my mom's house up in the 'dale. But we fly in on a Monday and we'd like to at least have Tuesday in the Bay Area to do stuff (I have an H&M gift card I'm itching to spend). And we'd like to spend Monday evening with Leah and Simon (Wombat permitting). So, what to do? Leah and Simon have a baby imminent. My sister and her husband have my other sister in their spare oom. My cousin will be just getting back from a big trip around the world. Maybe the Irish German has space? or maybe one of Dan's relatives wouldn't mind putting us up for the night?

It suddenly occurred to me when I was at the gym this afternoon that we could get a hotel room in the city. That way, since we fly into SFO we only have to drive up to the city. We could meet Leah and Simon somewhere in the city. And we could already be there on Tuesday morning (no need to drive all over the bay area or take BART) for the shopping excursion I'd like to do. It solves our issues, nobody has to be put out, and we get to sleep in a bed.

This is the first time I've ever thought of doing this. It's the first time since we've been together, and traveling to CA together, that I even considered the possibility of shelling out a little bit of cash for a lot of convenience and privacy. I guess we're at the point (old, married, gainfully employed) where we can actually do that, instead of having to rely on the kindness of our friends and relatives. It's not worth saving a few bucks and putting other people out.

I think this means I'm officially heading toward adulthood. It's a little bit weird, but not entirely a bad place to be.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Also with the hospitality industry in a tailspin you're likely to get a good deal.

Regarding your travel dates-either we're going to be in Hawaii or he's coming down here and we'll do regular stuff and take a mini-break to San Diego.

Sara said...

Priceline! Put in a stupid cheap price. You never know.

Abby said...

ooh, hotel room! That does sound so lovely and adultish. So far I tend to stay with friends or (internationally) do the hostel thing. But I have to say I love the idea of a just going to a BnB sometime maybe even just in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I felt icky telling suggesting you'd be wise to stay away from Cranky Pregnant Lady in her final days(even though you really will be better off, trust me), so I'm glad that you've at least made peace with (if not gotten excited about) your Hotel Room Stay. I also hate paying for rooms but there's always the joy of having someone else make your bed for you!