Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Weekend Evar

Saturday, we fought maddening crowds getting our groceries (including the supplies I needed to make cookies). Sara's cookie recipe called for cacao nibs; I looked for them at four stores but the only ones I found were a teeny bag of chocolate covered ones at Whole Paycheck. Which I bought, because the cacao nibs are the best part of those cookies. I made Cil's rum balls and Austrian Chocolate Balls and Mexican wedding cookies on Saturday.

Saturday night, it snowed. Then, it got really frakking cold. The low recorded at the airport was -19F. Sunday the high was about 7 or 8 F, so our original plan to see Tuba Christmas got scrapped once again (because nobody wants to stand outside in 5 F temps and watch tuba players' lips freeze to their mouthpieces). I did, however, have a brunch date with the FOAF for whom I'm going to be doing wedding flowers in June. It was a very exciting date, especially since Simon called at one point to update us on the Wombat situation. At that point Leah was 8 cm dilated so I knew it was only a matter of time.

The rest of Sunday was spent making more cookies (the Mocha Slice cookies, plus gingerbread people), cleaning and organizing, and getting excited about the Big Phone Call. Dan made pizza for dinner, and we chilled one of our last two bottles of prosecco from the wedding (the last bottle is being saved for our anniversary), and we got a phone call in the middle of pizza. I got a little teary. We toasted the new life. And we played a song (well, two, actually) in his honor.

It may be a while before Leah or Simon read this, since they're, like, busy with a newborn and family and recovering from delivering a newborn and trying to catch up on sleep and all. But if and when they do get a chance to read this, I wanted to publically thank them for letting us be a part of such a fascinating and amazing process. We are so happy for you guys and we love you very much. And we can't wait to meet ol' whatsisname.

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Anonymous said...

Finally (FINALLY) getting around to reading this, what?, almost a month late? Jeebus.

Anyway, it's been awesome to have you guys so excited for us, and 2008 will definitely be remembered as the year we four got to be really, really good friends. I think I've said this before, but something tells me we're going to know you for a very, very long time, which is AWESOME.