Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Good things

*Tomorrow we go to New York City. I've never been. I am thoroughly excited, and will get to meet up with a few different friends while we're there. We plan to see a broadway show and eat some pizza and spend hours walking around and saying hey, I've seen that before!

*I finally finished knitting Dan's sweater, and have only some finishing touches to add (grafting the armpits together, weaving in ends, etc.) Photos forthcoming.

*After 2 solid years of looking, I finally managed to find acceptable work pants to buy. NY & Co, a store I've never actually shopped in before, had a great sale and I got 3 pairs of well-fitting work pants that don't make me look hoochie for 40 bucks this weekend. SWEET.


Hillary said...

New York City?! I am envious. Have fun!

Cilicious said...


Abby said...

Your good things sound lovely, and I must say it seems like everyone (or many of the blogs I read) is heading off on a trip. It is making me really itchy to buy some plane tickets!
Also I look forward to the sweater pics.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

New York is so much fun!

Of course, this is where I should pimp Manoj's website for looking up your food options, no? It's Foodiebytes.com and feel free to email me with anything you hate about the site if you use it.

Also, I am so impressed you knit a sweater for Dan - I knit myself ONE and that was it. I did such a horrible job seaming it that I cannot even wear it. I hate seaming. Sigh.