Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help me to be a girl

Last year, as a wedding gift (ostensibly to both of us, but really to me), some of my coworkers bestowed upon us(me) a $60 gift certificate to the Aveda Institute here in Denver. It's a short distance away from my work on the 16th street mall here, and it's the place where Aveda trains people to cut hair and do salon treatments like manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. I used $15 of the gift certificate to get my hair cut back in November, but I won't need another haircut for a while and the gift cert. expires in early March.

So, I've got $45 to spend at an Aveda salon and I have no idea what to spend it on. I'm not a product type of girl, and I have very sensitive skin so the idea of getting a facial or buying some fancy expensive shampoo doesn't really appeal to me because I have no idea if it'll make my skin break out or work on my (oily thick fine) hair. My gym friend is the one who told me about the $15 haircuts and she cautioned me against getting a manicure (not that I've ever had one!) saying that the few times she did, the polish came off really quickly.

The Aveda Institute's website shows a "service menu" describing the things you can get there. Some of the things, frankly, scare the ever-loving crap out of me. Disincrustation back treatment? Botanical skin resurfacing? thanks.

The idea of spending $30 on a pedicure, even if it's technically free, just sounds kind of over-the-top to me. But tell me, internets, at least, those of you who have had things like pedicures and facials and stuff. What should I get? What should I use that last $45 on? Frankly, the most appealing-sounding things to me seem to be the massage and the waxing - at least I've had both of those before. I wasn't thrilled with the wax job I got at the fancy salon the week of the wedding (I felt like I can do just a good a job or better myself for $7.50 worth of wax) but maybe the fancy plant Aveda wax would be better. I haven't had a massage from a professional (or, I guess in this case, semi-pro) since college. Am I wrong to give up on the idea of a facial or pedicure or (ugh) disincrustation back treatment?

Please help me, girly internet people. (or boyly internet people, if you're still reading this) How should I spend our (my) last $45 at the Aveda Institute?


Crafty Mama said...

I get a gift certificate for a spa visit for my birthday every year. I always love to get a pedicure and a massage. You really can't go wrong with happy feet, esp in winter. And I always feel so good after a massage, relaxed and comfy. If you have sensitive skin I would definitely pass on the facial.

Good Luck and Enjoy!!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I love, love Aveda's Shampure line and their lip balm. But you said you were not a product kinda gal, so I would say for for the pedicure. I hate getting pedicures, but love HAVING one afterwards. Not sure if that makes sense.

Hillary said...

I'm not a huge spa person because I am cheap and, uh, broke but the few times that I have been, I've really enjoyed getting a massage. Pedicures are alright but I always feel guilty that someone is buffing my crusty feet. It's nice to have smooth feet afterward, though.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

yelp them and see what the best services are at that location. I would see if their eyebrow waxist gets good reviews and do that because that is a total treat. I always used to do mu own and my waxist agreed I did a good job but she cleaned up my arch and made them look even better. you would have to grow them out for the technician to gauge your best arch.

Anonymous said...

Get a facial! The $45 dollar full body one! Trust me!

Anonymous said...

Well if I am not too late to chime in here, I would advocate for the back massage. Dear lord having a professional get rid of all your weird knots and aches and pains is the most wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

I've only done the spa thing a handful of times, but I'd recommend a facial (you can ask if they have a sensitive skin option - and they don't have to do all that crazy extraction if you don't want them to) or a pedicure (if you like having your feet massaged - the fancy, expensive pedicures usually include a nice foot rub).
I've also gotten a few massages, but from my experience, the massages I've gotten from male masseuses have been MUCH better than ones I've gotten from ladies - don't know why. More upper body strength, maybe?