Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow day: The Aftermath

We ended up getting about a foot of snow yesterday, all told, though most of that fell before noon. We had blizzard conditions for most of the afternoon and evening (high winds, whiteout, etc.) but the actual snow was powdery during that part of the day and didn't add up to much volume. We had a lovely time hanging out, watching a movie, napping, eating popcorn, and drinking hot chocolate. I got some work done on my latest baby blanket. And this morning, we both had to go in to work, though we'll both end up leaving early (Dan is already home).

I took my camera on our walk to the grocery store, but forgot to put the memory card back in, so didn't get any photos of the snow in progress - but I did take some on my way in to work, and then of the view out the window closest to my cube.


Hillary said...

your afternoon of napping and popcorn sounds perfect to me

Emily SW said...

good work getting pictures. i was too lazy to venture outside. :)
i did, however, drive all the way up to the butterfly pavilion for work on stuck in between two exits on US-36 for an hour, then called in to hear that we were closing.
i love the pretty snow, but i think i liked the spring weather more.