Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's time for another "products I am liking" post

Not like I have any sort of clout or anyone interested in sending me free schwag to review, but just in case anyone cares, I just really am liking this stuff.

1. Rachel's yogurt

This yogurt is the bomb diggity. I eat a protein snack every morning sometime between 11 and 12, usually yogurt or a string cheese, and when Scarlett visited in April she turned me on to Rachel's yogurt. While this yogurt is more expensive than I'd normally pay, the stores we go to regularly have it on sale, so I stock up when that happens. It's made with lowfat, not nonfat milk, so the fat and calorie content are a little higher than I was used to eating in the store brand yogurt. However, the fat doesn't seem to be hurting me at all and the yogurt keeps me going through a 1 PM daily workout. The best part is that it comes in so many amazing flavors and the ingredients are milk, evaporated cane juice (sugar, but not HFCS), fruit juice/pulp, a bit of cream, and live cultures. Nothing I can't pronounce. It tastes like yogurt, and fruit, and not like sugar or gelatin. Yum.

2. Salad in a box

One of the things I started doing recently was bringing salad for lunch. It's paid off, not only because I've lost a little bit of weight, but because I feel like I'm getting good amount of vegetables in daily. For some reason, despite the lack of bulk, I feel full on a lunch salad. Some days I might put leftover hummus/falafel on it, some days some slices of turkey, some days some leftover bean/corn salad. It always has a few other veggies, and I've been getting large amounts of prepared salad in these plastic box things at the grocery store. It's $4 or $5 for about the equivalent of 4 of those bagged salads, and I get the dark leafy greens, and because I eat it every day it isn't going bad. Yay!

3. Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizer

I've always had sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, contact dermatitis, and breakouts when exposed to any number of products or ingredients. For example, I'm allergic to every product I've ever tried made by Bath and Body Works. I read labels diligently and have a few trusted brands I've found over the years that don't seem to aggravate my skin. Recently, I noticed another bout of contact dermatitis starting up, and I couldn't figure out what was doing it, but it seemed to be bothered by the moisturizer I was using. (Moisturizer is very important in this dry climate, even though I have oily skin.) We went to Target and I spent a good long while staring at all of the moisturizer plus sunscreen options, and ultimately decided to go with this Aveeno product, hoping it was worth the money I was about to spend. Luckily, my instincts were correct. This stuff is awesome. My face is smoother, my skin feels healthier and is certainly happier, and it's light and soaks in quickly. I do wish the SPF were higher, but that's what my wide-brimmed hat is for, right?


waitress said...

I can understand that. Please keep em coming! I like to read this blog.

Crafty Mama said...

I haven't seen Rachel's Yogurt here in the Northeast, but it sounds delicious. Your description of sugar and gelatin is dead on! And I also use that Aveeno moisturizer and love it, and I use the calming foam cleanser for my face too. Good stuff.

Cilicious said...

I've had good luck with Aveeno, too.
I've also had good luck making yogurt in the crockpot the past couple months (very cost effective), but I'm one of those strange people who like plain yogurt.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I eat the plain single serving FAGE (or alternatively, the TJ's single serving organic knockoff of FAGE, which I even more) with fresh fruit sprinkled with Splenda. It ends up as fewer calories than most of the lowfat/nonfat yoghurts (yoghurt is 90 calories, Splenda is zero and strawberries most likely in the zone of 20 to 30 calories).

Leah said...

Vegetables? Oh yeah...I remember those. Must start eating those again soon.