Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's talk about something a little less morbid, shall we?

Good things about the weekend:

Feeling more like myself again after a nasty bout of what I think was food poisoning Thursday night/Friday.

Getting our house more in order and laundry done. One nice thing about summer is hanging our clothes to dry (inside); the evaporation as the clothes dry helps keep it cool in the bedroom where the clothes are hanging.

Incredibly cute kitties that do silly things.

Watching the first two discs of Mad Men season 2.

A fantastic dinner idea I had on Saturday (including a zucchini and some herbs from our garden! Post with recipe to come) and homemade sushi on Sunday, with oodles left over.

Green tea ice cream.

Watching an episode of 16 and Pregnant that actually made me feel better about the future of our nation's youth, instead of a mixture of horror and fascination like I usually do. Finally, 2 teenagers who are mature and responsible and do the RIGHT THING for their kid, despite a serious dearth of support from their respective toolish parents.

A trip to the farm in Brighton just to see what they had and a trip to the Asian market to procure the sushi supplies, amongst other things.

Sitting in a cool movie theater on a hot day. Harry Potter 6 wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, and the lights came on halfway through the movie (and stayed on about 10 minutes, which sucked because we were right underneath one set). We mentioned it to a manager after the movie was over and got free passes to any other movie! Sometimes it pays to speak up.

It was a weekend that seemed like nothing got done, but looking back on this list, a lot happened in those couple of days. We didn't do any hiking (we'd originally planned to hike a 14er but there was no way I was up for that so soon after Thursday night/Friday), but we hung out with each other and went to the movies and ran errands and cleaned our house. Those sorts of weekends aren't all bad.


Anonymous said...

OMFG I saw that episode of 16 and Pregnant and - as Brad can tell you - I HAVE NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT SINCE. Jesus Christ, those poor fucking kids with their assholio parents. My favorite part was when the boy's ex-con father was lecturing him, and the boy was all, "Um, how about SHOVING IT UP YOUR ASS since you've been in prison all my life?!" Awesome.
I also sobbed throughout the entire birth scene. And wanted to WEAR IT OUT on that poor girl's mother for the insane guilt-tripping, and also for CALLING HER PREGNANT 16-YR OLD DAUGHTER A BITCH.
Yeah, so I got a little fired up about that episode.
Glad you had a good weekend :)

Crafty Mama said...

I've never seen 16 and Pregnant but it certainly sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see your zucchini recipe, I have five plants in my garden so when it comes in I will have plenty!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I felt incredibly bad for those children. It was hard to watch 2 kids who were more adult about life than their own parents. Also, what's up with the fact that their parents married each other, but no one seemed to live in the same house etc. etc.. Who was that lady that drove them to the adoption agency to meet the adoptive parents? Was that the boy's mom?

I felt really bad for the adoptive parents, too. The guy looked so uncomfortable at the first meeting and you could tell the woman was desperately hoping they would be chosen.