Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Because it had to be said

Current commercials I have a problem with:

Bud light with lime. So everyone is playing in the water, right? Except the water is yellow (I assume it's supposed to be beer?). Mostly it just looks like everyone is playing in a bunch of pee, and I don't dig on urine.

Cialis: Someone please tell me what outdoor bathtubs have to do with dysfunctional penes. I don't understand what a four-hour boner has to do with bathing outside. For that matter, why the hell would anyone put a bathtub outside anyway? This is similar to the problem I have with a mattress commercial, in which the bed is outside. This strikes me as a spectacularly bad idea, unless you live someplace where it never precipitates.

Prius: The ones that have people dressed as plants or whatever and they all move when the car drives by freak me the eff out. I think it's the creepy stepford music that plays during the commercial that really sends this one over the edge.

Just about every commercial for any sort of prescription drug. It's bad enough that they all have to list all of the possible negative side effects you might experience while taking them, but some of them strike me as infinitely worse than the problem you're trying to get rid of in the first place. Lyrica for fibromyalgia, for example. Now, I understand fibromyalgia can be debilitating, constant chronic pain as I understand it, but "may increase likelihood of sucicde" !?!?! Hm, do I stay in pain, or do I take pills that make me want to kill myself? And I am always amused at the ones that are "not for women who are pregant or may become pregnant" because most of them are things that I can't imagine a woman who is still young enough to be pregnant would end up needing to take, anyway. "I had a heart attack at 57," one commercial goes, and I think it's for some medicine that keeps plaques from building up in your arteries. Thing is, how many women in their childbearing years are going to be taking heart attack prevention meds? I understand that they're just saying what's required by law or to keep from being sued or whatever, but still. Really? It's my understanding that if you're pregnant just about any prescription drug is going to have to be OK'd by your doctor, so most of the time this just seems ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

I HATE THAT PRIUS COMMERCIAL. And I recently met someone at work who LOVES it, and I immediately knew we would never be friends. Seriously.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Sometimes, I feel sad that I rush through all commercials these days. You reminded me why I should feel sad. AT ALL. Cripes.

Cilicious said...

For me, TV commercials became a waste of my precious time a long time ago.
But I'm old. :)