Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last minute road trip, part 2: Austin

When we finally made it to Austin on Friday, we found a place to eat downtown and then explored the state Capitol building for a while.

It reminded me a lot of Colorado's state Capitol building, which I walk by every day on my way to work, but inside the Texas Capitol everything is Texas. And stars. Everywhere.

Also, Davy Crockett.


We also did some walking around the downtown area.

Anyone want to guess how much more phallic this looks when there's actually water coming out of it?

Then, we went to spend the evening (and night) with Yank in Texas and The Boy, got loved up by their kitties, and had delicious TexMex food.


Yank In Texas said...

I think Alex still misses you. He got spoiled.

Crafty Mama said...

Aha! I've been trying to think of how I found your was thru Yank in Texas! We went to HS together.

Glad you had a nice trip. :)