Thursday, October 01, 2009

An outing

On Tuesday night, rather than sit at home glued to the teevee, Dan and I actually went out in the world and did something.

How many of you read Cake Wrecks? Well, Jen and John of Cake Wrecks are doing a "world" book tour, and last week when I saw that they were going to be at the Tattered Cover in Denver, I said, "Self, that sounds like a rollicking good time." And it was.

We ate turkey sandwiches about 2 hours earlier than we normally eat dinner and then headed downtown, took the 16th street mall shuttle, and arrived at the Tattered Cover about a half an hour before the event started. I bought a copy of the book (because how could I not?) and Dan secured us seats. All told, I think over 200 people showed up, and before things got started I got some photos of the cupcake "cake wreck replica" contest entries.

My favorite one.

Jen and John presented a slideshow of some of their favorite wrecks, told funny stories, and then judged the contest. The winner received an apron with the official mohawk plastic baby carrot jockey Cake Wrecks World Tour logo.

We all flipped through our copies of the book while waiting in line to have our books personalized. It was a great event. Plus, everyone got a free cupcake!


Crafty Mama said...

Ooh---I'm jealous! I love their blog.

Sara said...

Sounds like fun! I love CakeWrecks!