Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 outfits I loved when I was a kid

I loved playing dress-up when I was little. (I still do.) Most of our dress-up clothes were things that had been my mom's, or things my mom had made, but some were pieces she picked up someplace or another. We had these two things that were sort of tulle or illusion-type fabric with white lace on the top, and a tie, so they could be veils or capes or shawls, things like that. I liked this one best because the lace was prettier, and in this photo I think I probably styled myself, with the three ribbons tied in my hair (because three is certainly better than one), pink, purple, and turquoise. Not sure how old I am here - six or seven, probably.

I told the story of this dog here (her name was Gracie), but please take special notice of my bright salmon-colored shirt with the cockatoo on it. I'm also wearing some kickass railroad striped black and white jeans, and white high-top sneakers (the only time I've ever worn high-tops; I sprained my ankle while I wore these regularly and never wanted to wear shoes that made my ankles weak again). This was my favorite shirt at the time, and it was most definitely the coolest one I owned in 1986.

Sometimes we got boxes of hand-me-downs from my (slightly) older cousin in San Diego, which I assume is where this Hawaiian shirt and skirt came from. If the previous outfit was cool, this was The Shit, man. And the red netting in the hair really makes it. (If you'll notice, I'm not wearing any shoes and riding my bike. This is pretty much how I rolled. This is why I have scars all over my right ankle.)


Anonymous said...

These are great. Also I should mention that your bicycle rocks and that three ribbons are always better than one, always.

Anonymous said...

AW! These photos are awesome. You were definitely a little girl I would have wanted to be friends with. I mean, cockatoo t-shirt? SIGN ME UP.