Sunday, November 22, 2009


Three songs with the name "Creep" all came out around the same time when I was in high school. The most well-known is probably the Radiohead song, off their album Pablo Honey. Another is TLC's "Creep", which came out in 1994. And the one that I thought of when I told Dan that I still hadn't written a blog post today was Stone Temple Pilots' "Creep", because I had to learn the lyrics to the song one time.

It was Feb Camp, the mid-winter long weekend version of the camp I went to throughout high school, and some very talented musical friends wanted a girl voice to go with their deep masculine voices when they performed this song at the talent show. I had heard the song, but didn't know the words, so my friend Jesse wrote them down for me and I memorized them. You may know it as the "Half the man I used to be" song, since that's about all they say in the chorus.

Forward yesterday
Makes me want to stay
What they said was real
Makes me want to steal
Living under house,
Guess I'm living, I'm a mouse
All's I gots is time,
Got no meaning, just a rhyme


Feelin' uninspired,
Think I'll start a fire
Everybody run,
Bobby's got a gun
Think you're kind of neat
Then she tells me I'm a creep
Friends don't mean a thing,
Guess I'll leave it up to me


Man, I was totally nervous to sing in front of everybody, especially since the other people I was performing with were vastly more talented (Jesse, for example, could (and did) play NINE instruments). But we still had fun. I wish I could remember Jesse's last name, because it wouldn't surprise me if he were a professional musician these days. Alas, Google needs a bit more information than what I can pull out of my brain.


Crafty Mama said...

I loved all three of those songs, though the Radiohead one was my favorite.

Crafty Mama said...

Oh, and because of you....I had a little Stone Temple Pilots concert in my car on the way to work today. iPods ROCK! Thanks for putting STP in my head today.