Thursday, September 30, 2010


Two things:

Thing the first: I have discovered one of the drawbacks of not yet legally changing my last name. I put in a change-of-address form for me and for Dan when we left Denver late on Wednesday night, and got an email confirmation for both. Dan got his on Monday and, using that, was able to get a library card here in the 'dale for using internet on library computers, checking out books/movies, etc. But mine never came. And then my mom told me that when she moved out of the house, nearly 2 months ago, she'd put in a change of address for everyone with that last name at her Cloverdale address. So it's not only possible, but likely, that all of my mail is coming to Cloverdale and then getting forwarded to her new house. I've been to the post office here, and they couldn't really tell me anything. So in the meantime, I can't even get a library card because I have no proof of address. Harrumph.

Thing the second: The moving company we used, ABS, promised me that a) it would take our stuff 5 business days to arrive at the terminal in Santa Rosa, and b) someone would call me during the time it was in transit to let me know what day to expect it, so I could rent a local truck and haul it up to Cloverdale. Today is 6 business days, and since nobody had called I called them this morning, only to learn that our stuff is in Sacramento, may be at the terminal tomorrow but probably not until Monday. Somehow, 5 business days and notice = 8 business days and no notice. I'm not very happy about spending another several days with a too-small, sort of uncomfortable bed, 2 uncomfortable chairs, a table that isn't for eating on so the top slides around and gets all wobbly if touched, no TV/computer/router for internet, not much kitchen stuff or clothing, etc., but we'll have to make do. Thank goodness Dan got a library card so we have books to read and DVDs to watch on the laptop!


Yank In Texas said...

Ugh, that really really sucks. The ABF thing is really awful. And they're making you go to the terminal? Ugh. I guess they've changed since we used them 6 years ago or DC to San Antonio is a well-traveled route as ours arrived just after we did. (Maybe 2 days.) And they came out to La Vernia. And we packed the truck in front of our apt in Alexandria.
That is super super frustrating.
Have you changed car insurance to CA yet or changed the address? Maybe you can print out a new ID thing and that might work. Stupid residency crap.

jive turkey said...

I still haven't legally changed my last name, and we've been married for ten damn years. It doesn't seem worth it now. But buying a house and getting my security clearance at work (where I go by my fake married name) was a major pain in the ass. I feel ya.

simon said...

You should go out to see a movie in San Francisco.