Friday, April 16, 2010

A green costume

OK, internets, I need your assistance.

Dan and I have been invited to a Springoween party - that is, a costume party in the middle of the spring. And the theme? Green. As in, reduce, reuse, recycle. The evite says:

"This is, of course, an interpretive theme so crack open those brains and scramble that sucker 'til it fits. Reduce a sheet to strips and come as a mummy. Reuse a costume or costumes pieced together from Halloweens passed. Recycle someone else's costume from Halloweens passed. (Cross-dressing is welcome, as always.) Recycle a costume idea not yet suited to another themed party. (Um yeah, that's a convenient loophole to let in new costumes.) Hell, come as an aluminum can or a compost heap, just Reduce, Reuse and/or Recycle. Just be prepared to explain which. "

So, I had a few ideas for costumes. We've got lots of leftover costume pieces from Halloweens (and other costume events) past. And I like the idea of going with something both green (recycled/reused) and green (the color). Here were my thoughts:

Option A: Green Fairy (see: absinthe, Moulin Rouge) I have bits and pieces that could make this work, since I tried to do something similar for Halloween back in...2002? I could make wings out of coat hangers and old holey green tights, and I could carry a flask with absinthe in it. Or make a wand. I'm picturing tattered, fractured. Pros: I've got everything I need for it. Con: I'd still need to do some work (making wings, figuring out top part of costume, etc.) to make it happen.

Option B: What better way to recycle a costume than to wear my wedding dress again? It's got green on it, and I can't imagine when I'd ever be able to wear it again for anything. I've still got my shoes and my necklace. And hell, I could still make those wings. Pros: I get to wear my wedding dress again! Cons: It's kind of heavy and less open to interpretation, costume wise.

Option C: I do something entirely different that doesn't involve the color green at all.

So, internet, what should I wear to Springoween? Any ideas I haven't thought of?


Hillary said...

I've got hockey on the brain so my idea is to wrap yourself in used tinfoil and go as a Stanley Cup.

Erin said...

I was the Green Fairy a couple of Halloweens ago. When is the party? I have a green wig and a pair of green wigs I could loan ya if there's time to mail things. I used an oversized silver slotted spoon as a wand (try thrift stores).

Anonymous said...

I like the Green Fairy idea - the absinthe sold me. Maybe look to some Mucha prints for inspiration?