Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's about damn time


First, April brought my first real cold in like a year, which sucked. It was actually the weirdest cold I've ever had; it started with fever/body aches/throat tightness, then a productive cough, and then upper respiratory stuff (sneezing, etc.) I've never ever had a cold move UP before. Thankfully, it's mostly gone now.

Second, I had to spend all day Monday and Tuesday in meetings. Like, 8.5 hours each day. And the best part was that on Tuesday I had to leave one and drive to the other one and by the time I got out, even though I was only a block away from the gym, I decided that I couldn't be indoors another second or my head would asplode, so I just walked home in the sunny spring weather.

Because third, spring FINALLY came. Finally. It's been months of gloom and drear and snow and cold and yuck, and spring decided to take its sweet-ass time showing up this year. The trees are JUST starting to leaf out and bloom.

Which was lucky, because fourth, we got to see EEK last week when she came to town for a conference, woohoo! On Friday night we went to see her read from her new book, which was awesome not only because she is a good reader and a good poet but because we got to see a bunch of other people read their published work as well. It was in a really cool art gallery in a part of town we don't normally haunt so just getting to do something new was good. I was still kind of sick and had to duck out of the last reading so as to be able to cough up my left lung, but all in all it was an enjoyable experience. Then on Saturday, we kidnapped her from her hotel and forced her to eat brunch with us. We twisted her arm into getting some ice cream from our favorite place and eating it in the park nearby. Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate quite as much as we would have liked and it was a bit chilly and windy for our stroll in the park.

Fifth, I've recently found my ex boyfriend from high school on Facebook. I sent him a friend request, mostly for shits and giggles, but also because I'd like to get back in touch with his best friend who I really liked and stayed friends with for a while after we broke up. The friend has a very, very common name so I can't find him on FB because there are over 1000 of him on there. I'll keep the internets posted as to any developments, as I'm sure you are all waiting on bated breath.

Sixth, I am devastated to report that as I was walking home yesterday, one of the straps on my favoritest pair of shoes broke. I've sworn revenge at the universe and hope to find a cobbler or shoe repair place that can fix it, because my life would truly suck without these shoes.

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EEK! said...

I hope you're feeling better this week, MLE. I had a lovely time at brunch, and I think breakfast should always be followed by ice cream and a walk in the park. Thanks for showing me a different corner of Denver! The faculty meet-up I went to afterwards ended up in a dive bar that was blasting Def Leppard, so we had to move. Then later I was kidnapped by other friends and we went to this cool English bar called Streets of London. Saturday was a good day for getting off of 16th Street.