Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When bad things happen to good television

Sunday: ran 3 miles in the park with Dan. It's 1.5 miles around and up/down hills the whole way. We saw lots of doggies and one frogfaced newborn in a stroller.

Monday: 10 minutes bike, 45 minutes hard elliptical.

We don't watch a lot of current TV except to have it on as background noise while cooking dinner or knitting or drawing or what have you. Most of our entertainment comes from our Netflix account, and lately we've watched a lot of television on DVD.

The saddest thing in the world sometimes is watching an amazingly good show on DVD (like Freaks & Geeks or Firefly) and knowing that when you get to the last DVD, that's it. Neither of those shows was allowed to run an entire season, let alone run the natural lifespan of the show. When we were watching Arrested Development and Lost on DVD at least I knew there was/would be more to come (Since then, AD has left FOX and I don't know what network will be picking it up, if any. I do hope someone does), but when watching the last disc of Freaks and Geeks the other night I got a little choked up thinking about all the ways in which this show was kickass and all the ways in which the networks seem to do their best to kill any show with good writing, good character development, and a more interesting premise than 'fat schlub with hott wife', "science"/cop or science cop shows, or copies of other reality TV shows.

I mean, c'mon. How many "Mary Poppins saves the day because these people don't know how to raise their children" or "let's swap a super religious wife and a crunchy granola wife and see how their families handle it" clones do we need? And how many iterations of Extreme Makeover: Heartwarming Sob Story Editions? How many Law & Orders/copycats and fauxCSIs? And the latest game show, that was on for about two minutes during fruitless channel flipping last night, has about the most idiotic premise ever. I'm sorry, but if there's no skill or talent or psychology or ANYTHING interesting going on, I'm not going to watch. No Deal.

Firefly was an incredible show that got a little bit more life in a movie that didn't make enough money for there ever to be any more. Freaks & Geeks was an awesome show and many of the actors and the creators of the show have gone on to more lucrative engagements. The only TV show we've watched on DVD recently that's still on and doing well is Battlestar Galactica. Now THAT's a kickass show. And it's on the SciFi network (we don't have cable, so we've had to wait for DVD) and seems to be doing well with a good fan base at this point, so it's unlikely that some bigwig executive will decide that it's too cerebral, intelligent, or funny and try to kill it anytime soon. Plus, there's SUPER HOTT chicks on that show. I just wish there were more Man Candy.

RIP, Freaks & Geeks. RIP, Firefly. I hope you get resurrected, Arrested Development. Hold on as long as you can, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Scrubs, and Everybody Hates Chris. May more shows join you in fighting the good fight against mundane, pointless, and nonentertaining television.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but for the past few years we were a Nielsen family (we just stopped being one). I used to order my dad to leave Arrested fucking Development on for ALL of us even while I was at school.

It still didn't help.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

ps-love the frog-faced infant comment. How can you be so sweet and yet have such a wicked inner life?

MLE said...

It's a gift. :P

It was seriously the most frogfaced baby I've ever seen. I even mentioned it to Dan as we ran past. I would not have been surprised in the least if it had stuck out a 10-inch-long tongue as a fly went by.