Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boring exercise stuff again

Tuesday: Full weight circuit, 30 minutes bike (randomized=hard!), 10 minutes free weights, 10 minutes crunches/leg lifts

Wednesday: 35 minutes hard elliptical (with arms), 13 minutes medium bike, 12 minutes crunches/leg lifts. When I got off the elliptical and kind of stumbled toward the bike, as soon as I sat down on the thing my legs started crying at me and it was really hard to get the pedals going at the speed I normally go. I've been pushing myself pretty hard. My body is quite tired and I haven't been getting as much sleep as my body seems to want.

I think today I will take a break. I've been debating all morning whether or not to go to the gym; I brought my gym bag with me to work because I was supposed to have lunch with a coworker - she was going to tell me about her monthlong trip to India and I was going to tell her about China. She had to cancel on me and so I can go home for lunch instead (like I usually do) or I can go to the gym, pick up a sandwich, and go home at 5. Or I can just not go to the gym. My body is starting to feel a little burned out from the exercise and lack of sleep. I think today will be a rest day, or maybe I'll do some pilates at home and tomorrow I'll do weights/cardio.

I need to find a Pilates DVD. I've been reading the reviews on Amazon but you still never know how you're going to feel about a particular workout until you try it yourself.

My neighbor has about 15 different workout DVDs. She also has a plethora of equipment, including several free weights and weighted balls, bands, mats, a big ball, and a bosu ball. But she doesn't have a gym membership and when she uses her equipment at home regularly she loses weight and looks great. That hasn't happened recently because she's in an MBA program and doesn't have time to sleep or eat, let alone exercise. Maybe I'll borrow one of her DVDs this evening.

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-qir said...

my 40 minutes on the treadmill trundling at a lowly 3.5 miles per hour certainly pale in comparison. However, you and monkey give me some amount of inspiration, as my fitness improves I expect to bump workouts to 90-120 minutes of cardio. That's what it takes a farm hand schlub like me to lose any blubber.


(PS - rest is good. My mid to late 20s is when I started sustaining real injuries, some of which occured because of failure to rest, and others because of failure to allow proper healing on a small injury)