Tuesday, March 21, 2006

After merely 20 months of waiting...

I started this job and moved into this cube in July 2004.

Tomorrow, they will FINALLY be rearranging it so my back is not to the door of the cube.

I will not go into the whole long involved rigamarole story since it is about work, but let's just say that it's about darned time.

I have spent today clearing everything out of the cube so it can be rearranged while I work from home/go to the airport/fly to SF tomorrow. When I come back on Monday I have to hope that it's all the way I want it and I get to spend that day putting everything back. All I want is for my back not to be facing the door. That's it. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and Hulk got a lovely piece of "unmarked" junk mail yesterday telling him about these *ahem* marital aides (he didn't read far enough to determine whether they were DVDs or books or what), but their little intro pitch was hilarious. I might have to reproduce some of it here when I get home.

I am finally reading Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series, starting with The Golden Compass. So far, it's terrific. I need to finish it tonight so it can go back to the liberry before we leave and make some kid happy who probably has it on hold.

"V for Vendetta" was totally kickass awesome. Perhaps my favorite comic book movie to date, and I've never read that comic. I got excited during the previews because of all the cool movies coming out soon, including the new Pirates movie, the new Superman movie, and the new XMen movie. My boyfriend has totally turned me into a great big nerd.

Exercise update: Friday: weight circuit, 20 minutes elliptical (I was at lunch)
Saturday, walked a lot running errands. Probably 4 miles.
Sunday: "core secrets" dvd on ball with weights, 45 minutes, walked 2 miles.
Monday: 20 minutes bike 35 minutes elliptical

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Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I loved the movie. I love V. I love the loose ends but mostly I love a superhero with a snarky sense of humour. Fave moments

1) V-Tv speech

2) Valerie's Story

I am soo reading the novel, now!!