Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I forgot to grab Monkey's ass.

It was a fabulous trip, all thing considered.

There was unexpectedly beautiful weather, and seeing old friends, and visiting of old haunts. There was a Bad Museum Experience, overpriced undergood sushi, and Chicken Tikka Masala with naan. There was a Monkey and a QIR and a mochi and some family time that wasn't as stressful as usual, since it wasn't the holidays. There was a new hamster named Hazelnut, rolling around in her little hamster ball, scaring the parakeet. There were lucky book finds, a visit to the beach, the pirate store, and rain in Berkeley. There was a run down a steep hill, out along a lake, and back up a steep hill. There was happiness, anticipation, contentedness, excitement, and finding new clothes in a pile of old clothes. There was a friendly maine coon kitty named Maggie and free food and pizza and cider and Ticket to Ride. There were letters everywhere.

The coming back to Denver part left something to be desired. After eating an Overly Priced dinner at the airport, we had to wait through a 45-minute plane delay. I was entertained by the girl sitting next to me, talking to her mother, describing how even though San Francisco has like hippies and stuff, she, as a Republican, still felt totally comfortable there. Also, a girl sitting nearby was loudly chatting up another guy, and in that 45 minutes managed to get his whole life story and impart hers to him. She totally wanted to get in his pants. There was a dad with a middle-school aged son and a toddler, the toddler being up waaay past his bedtime and needing distraction.

And then the uneventful plane ride, finally, and arriving into DIA to realize that the only way home was the public transit bus, buying a $3 16 oz bottle of water to get change and riding the bus allll the way back to downtown. And then walking allll the way home from 16th and Market with all of our stuff at 2 AM. And Loki said "Yay, you're home! I love you, pet me!" and Petra ignored us and said "You left for days and days and I'm mad" and wouldn't even let Dan pick her up because she was so mad. But then she loafed in the doorway and watched us sleep, and Loki flopped into his usual spot keeping Dan's balls warm, and it was good to be back in our own bed.

Next trip I'm totally not letting anything get in the way of going to H&M, eating GOOD sushi, or consuming gelato.

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