Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My cube! It is the shiznit!

When I finally dragged myself in to work yesterday morning I was pleasantly surprised to find my cube exactly the way I had pictured it, and exactly the way I was hoping it would be. Dude, it totally kicks ass. Plus, I even have more storage space (they brought me another under-desk 2 drawer filing cabinet) and more desktop/surface space.

Yesterday I was too cracked out to do much about putting everything back into the cube, so I did that this morning. I think it looks pretty good. I am very happy that it was done exactly the way I wanted - even if I'm still annoyed that it took nearly 2 years and jumping through 987651687 hoops to get it this way.

1 comment:

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Yay, I'm happy that after two-freaking-years they finally managed to make it compliant with your needs, and you know, the law and all.

It was probably the note taped to the dry erase board.