Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 Random Things plus 1 TMI

As stolen from QIR, here are 5 random things, one of which is TMI:

1. I'M DONE! DONE! I'm home from Stepford Springs and completed my last training day today. Upon arriving home, I put on comfy PJ pants, sprawled on the couch, and immediately had James Loki Stryer on my lap, where he stayed for the whole afternoon.

2. Tonight, I made a lasagne for dinner to surprise Hulk. It was the first time I ever used those no-boil noodles (they weren't the kind with ripples on the edges, but the flat, homemade-style kind). The lasagne turned out OK; maybe a little dry. I like to chop up fresh, non-E.Coli containing spinach and include that in my layered pasta baked dish - how 'bout you?

3. On Sunday I de-ape-ified myself, sending all my disappointed Sasquatch suitors running for someone else who hadn't waxed in nearly 6 weeks. I know, totally gross.

4. At the Awesome Staff Enforced Togetherness Thing, I managed to knit most of and complete a gray scarf for Hulk (I had about 8 inches completed before the retreat; it ended up about 6.5 feet long). I was so proud of myself because I taught myself how to do a cable, which is one of those things that sounds all hard and advanced and confusing but it actually was quite easy, and I made up my own pattern. It looks quite dashing, if I do say so myself.

5. Pomegranate juice with tequila and Cointreau or Triple Sec makes a lovely variation of a margarita, on the rocks with salt and lime, as I discovered in the not-terribly-authentic-but-still-pretty-good Mexican place in downtown Stepford Springs. Perhaps next time Hulk makes a big batch of margs I'll invest in some POM and experiment.

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