Friday, November 10, 2006

Mental Health Day

I took today off work as a mental health day, to unwind from the end of all the traveling, training and being "on" that I've done the last 6 weeks. I slept the best sleep I'd had in weeks, woke up naturally at a time that felt right, and got to lounge in the bed for a bit. We had weem of crete for breakfast, enjoyed the morning, and then in the afternoon I went to the gym and Hulk went down to campus to work on a school project.

For a Friday afternoon, the gym was surprisingly crowded. I did my weight circuit for the first time in over a week (the note on the fitlinxx machine told me "You have been doing great with your cardio, but we're going to guilt trip you into doing weights") - for some reason, there's no way to input any weights I do into fitlinxx at the gym, and I *have* done some weights when I've been in various hotels over the last month. Anyhow, I did weights and rode the bike for 25 minutes and caught up on my trash reading. Then I tried to go to the library, but it was closed for Veterans Day, so instead I spent some time browsing in one of my favorite gift/card/jewelry stores. On passing within a block of our old place I called our old neighbor to see if she was home - she's in the middle of finals for the business school quarter, but had some time to hang out.

She had lost 44 pounds! Holy shit, did she look good! But that's another post.

Hulk met me at Old Place and we walked home together. I knitted; he made dinner; we watched some Battlestar Galactica on DVD and also some Nip Tuck Season 3, borrowed from old neighbor. All in all, it was a lovely relaxing day. I am now refreshed for the weekend.


-qir said...

to quote the BNL you just did what I thought you were gonna do. Today had mental health day written all over it. I'm sorta suprised the state didn't throw you a Veteran's Day bone though.

Me, I'd like to lose 44 pounds. I'd be halfway to hottie at that weight. Of course my boobs would get all scary looking without the fatcells to give them pooch, but that's a drawback I think I could handle.

MLE said...

She's the one who reminded me of you - now she's wearing the same size I am (pretty much) - though she's six inches shorter than I am. And her booty disappeared!

I would normally get Veteran's Day and Columbus Day off, but instead I get an extra day at Thanksgiving and an extra day at Giftmas; CDE likes to more closely align with the school districts.