Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Giftmas, internet

Made it up through the snow to HulkRents' house
Been to the gym twice
drank waaaay too much
ate waaaaay too much
surprised and touched by the lovely presents from Hulk & co
kitties are all settled in and don't even mind the little doggie
hot tub under the stars when it's 20F out: lovely
Loki has climbed the Christmas tree at least 5 times. He lurves it.
found all the necessary presents
successfully deposited large jar of suggestive German sausages into the Holla stocking. (yummy!)
One more day of HulkFamily togetherness and then we'll make a trek to the still somewhat dysfunctional Denver airport, do some Denver errands, and head back up north for some winter cabin time. I'm bringing a bunch of knitting and we might rent snowshoes.

faithfully keeping the internets informed,
merry Giftmas and whatever other holidays y'all celebrate,

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