Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a difference a day makes

Still life with Pream and Lard

Instead of writing a really long post about the cabin trip we went on this weekend, let's just say that we learned what both fall and winter look like in that little corner of Wyoming. Also, it's really helpful to have a great monsterous truck with 4-wheel drive and chains around to pull your Honda Civic through unmaintained road covered in ruts, muck and snow drifts.

Saturday (fall):

Here you see the approaching storm

Sunday (Winter):

See also here and here for interesting comparison.

Dan and I made a snowman in about 10 minutes on Sunday, and then Amber spent 3 hours making another snowman.

One friend with a 4-runner and chains made it out Sunday afternoon, but with six inches of snow on the ground there was no way our vehicles could even attempt it. We left Monday at around 2 PM, everyone's stuff and 6 people piled in the truck and hauled out to where the cars were parked. The (normally 45 minute) drive out to the highway took us about two and a half hours, as the Truck of Many Chains had to pull both the Civic and another friend's Kia Rio through some pretty nasty snow drifts and muck. Once we got to the maintained part of the county road, things got better. We got to Howards at about 4:30 and everyone made necessary phone calls. We got home around 9 PM on Monday night and were thoroughly exhausted.

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Erin said...

Love the snowman! He needs a snowcompanion, though. Perhaps a sleet dog?