Thursday, November 29, 2007

100 more things about me, part 1

Last year for NaBloPoMo I did a "100 things about me" for the last two posts of the month. I'm going to do the same thing this year. Because it's my blog, and by definition kind of narcissistic.

1. I have a lot of scars, but I've never broken a bone.
2. I don't have any tonsils or adenoids. They got removed when I was five.
3. In Advanced Biology in high school, we had to dissect cats. My lab partner and I named our cat "it." I left the room when the jaw cracking part happened because I thought I might throw up.
4. Other than that, I liked all of the dissecting we did, both of cats and other critters.
5. The scariest movie I ever saw was the animated version of "The Hobbit." I think I was three when I saw this, and I had nightmares about Gollum for most of my childhood.
6. I miss being able to climb trees.
7. I lost a shoe one time in the American River. I was a little heartbroken.
8. I didn't learn anything from my high school physics/chemistry teacher.
9. I doubt anyone else did, either. He wasn't a good teacher at all.
10. Another one of my high school teachers was well known for giving out higher grades to girls who wore short skirts and flirted with him.
11. My As in that class were all merit-based.
12. Most scented things (candles, inscence, air fresheners, perfume, body products) give me headaches.
13. I'm allergic to every product Bath and Body Works makes. I have had to give away every gift of B&BW merchandise I've received.
14. I used to write really bad poetry. But then, I bet most people did.
15. The most amusing thing I ever wrote was a radio play about Barney, the Irish Purple Monkey. I still have it.
16. I helped to start both the Fine Arts Club and the speech/debate club at my high school.
17. The only time I ever went to Las Vegas, I did not enjoy myself. It sucks to be 18 in Vegas and unable to do anything.
18. Two different boys have called me from airplane phones.
19. Two other boys have sent me roses for Valentine's Day.
20. Our upstairs neighbors keep their money in a jar on a bookshelf, rather than in a bank. I feel this is unwise.
21. It really annoyed me when the boys with whom I was babysat could whip it out and pee on our walk home from the bus stop, but I couldn't.
22. One year I got three different necklaces and a Hello Kitty jewelry box for Christmas, and it was pretty much the best Christmas ever.
23. I still have one of the necklaces. It's an ivory pendant with a picture of a fawn painted on it.
24. In high school, I played a french maid, a girl who recites Shakespeare, a beauty shop assistant, and Puck in various productions. I did not play Wilbur the Pig, though I really wanted to.
25. Bad things happened to me on stage twice. Once, I cut my hand on a broken porcelain cat (one of the props for a play) and I bled all over the stage and had to clean it up during intermission. I still have a little scar. The other time, I got really sick during the run of the show and I lost my voice on stage.
26. I find genetics and reproductive technology to be fascinating subjects.
27. Somewhere in my mom's house is the stuffed rabbit I got from Victor Davis' Teddy Bear House in San Francisco.
28. I used to be allergic to citrus fruit and coconut/palm products, but I grew out of those allergies.
29. I am still allergic to eggplant.
30. There might be a flask strapped to my leg with a garter under my wedding dress.
31. Then again, there might not be. I haven't decided yet.
32. I used to have all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby memorized. Don't even ask why.
33. In college, I discovered a really good dessert could be concocted in the dining commons by putting some marshmallows on top of a bowl of rice krispies (or similar puffed cereal), nuking it for 20 seconds, and stirring it around. Instant nonfat rice krispie treat! It wasn't until later, when I made it at my co-op, that I realized what a bitch it was to clean up. Sorry, dining commons dishwasher people.
34. Sometimes I crave the chocolate Costco muffins, cut up into pieces, warmed in the microwave and spread with margarine. Yes, sometimes I ate this in high school. No, I haven't eaten it since then.
35. I think brussels sprouts taste and smell like feet.
36. Two of my favorite words are bromadrosis and phantasmagoria.
37. Two of my least favorite words are moist and panties.
38. The highest fever I ever had (105.5F) was due to cutting 6-year molars.
39. My favorite kind of snow is the big ploofy kind.
40. If you want me to get grossed out and have chills down my spine, make me clean the scales off fish, or rub a bunch of cotton balls on my skin. Eeeegh!
41. I would love the challenge of being plunked down in a strange city where I didn't know the language and be forced to navigate my way around. Kind of like that guy on Man vs. Wild, only it would be Girl vs. City.
42. Dan and I have talked about trying out for the Amazing Race, but we know we're not pretty enough to get on TV.
43. Sometimes I'm still a little afraid of the dark. This is never the case when Dan is in the bed with me.
44. I had a huge crush on one boy for most of middle school. And maybe a little bit of high school. Then, the other girl with my name dated him so I completely lost interest.
45. Having not painted my toenails since September, I believe it is the longest I have gone without polish on them in at least seven years.
46. There aren't any dimples on my face, but there are two on my lower back.
47. When I was 14 I figured that I would never find someone who loved me. Turns out I was wrong.
48. When I give blood, sometimes I try to imagine who might end up with my donation. I also wonder what it feels like to have someone else's blood in your body.
49. My favorite gelato flavors are rose and tiramisu.
50. One of the things I am most looking forward to about our trip to Italy is eating gelato. Yes, even though it's going to be cold outside. I don't care!

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