Thursday, August 21, 2008


Things on my mind these days, in no particular order:

* The Olympics, and why I have been watching them so much. I haven't watched anywhere near this much Olympic coverage since 1992 when I babysat all summer and they had 3 channels of events going on. Maybe it's because we have such a pretty TV for the first time ever.

* Dan started school last week, and his INSANE schedule (six classes and part time job!) means he doesn't get home until 10 PM every night but Friday. My evenings are mine to do with what I wish for the first time in a long time. Mostly I've wished to read books I've already read because I don't want to buy more. And I'm cooking dinner every weeknight for the first time since he moved in 5 years ago.

* I really, really, really don't want to be in this job anymore, especially since it's nearly fall and I don't want to do my insane fall schedule again. I'll be spending a good chunk of next week (when most of my coworkers are taking the smart route and avoiding work) to help make that a possibility. If I find something new by then end of September I'll get to go to Philadelphia but won't have to do the rest of the stuff.

* My knowledge of East Coast geography sucks. Jive Turkey has informed me that Philly (where I'll potentially be) and Pittsburg (where she will definitely be) are 5 hours of driving apart. Sheesh.

* Speaking of JT, she's got some Big News. Go say congratulations!

* So yeah, next week is the Democratic National Convention here in Denver and it's going to be totally insane. The place where I work is literally across the street from the State Capitol building and we're on virtual lockdown all week. They've had us do umpteen drills in the last couple of weeks and a good chunk of the major highway that goes north-south in Colorado will be shut down on Thursday because it is close to where Obama will be speaking. I am SO GLAD I don't have to drive in this area. Dan is off school all week (his campus is right next to the DNC so they elected to not try to hold classes that week) so he is volunteering for the DNC. And I will be volunteering for the Obama campaign this weekend, just helping people get registered to vote if they need to register.

* I think I might be allergic to my own leg hair.

* Two workouts a day 3 days a week and one workout a day 2 days a week have resulted in me being fricking exhausted all the time and not losing any weight. In fact, I think I'm gaining because my muscle (especially in my harms, abs, and back) is bulking up. And for all you out there saying "vary your workouts!" rest assured that during the course of my week I take 2 difficult yoga classes, one power pump (weights) class, one cardio/weights class, I hamster on the elliptical/ride the stationary bike at least twice, sometimes swim, and do a full weight circuit on the weight machines. It's varied. Also, I still can't run. Stupid leg.

* My sister and her husband got to hold poison dart frogs and see sloths on their honeymoon. I am green with envy.

* I need to sleep more. Stupid Olympics.

* Confession: I really, really enjoyed doing the flowers for Lissa's wedding. And our wedding. And if I'd had more notice, probably for our ex-friends' wedding last fall as well. I find myself thinking up interesting flower/greenery combinations, with unusual elements sometimes. I exclaim over unusual flowers at the grocery store even though we never buy flowers. I daydream about doing wedding flowers again. I think I'm a freak.


Yank In Texas said...

So if we ever get around to the marriage thing you'll tell me what i need to do to make flowers pretty?
I too have Olympic tiredness.

Sara said...

Go to flower arrangement skool!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, PD-Fuego! Oh, and don't beat yourself up over the geography. I mean, c'mon, when have you EVER needed to know where Pittsburgh was before now? Exactly. I barely know, and I live here.

Anonymous said...

Wedding florist = ka-ching!