Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Snippets

*Dan wanted to buy a pair of comfortable shoes for walking around in and being on his feet all day (his job involves quite a bit of this). I wanted a pair of sneakers to replace the ones that got full of tar in Santa Barbara this summer. We visited FOUR shoe stores before we were both successful in our quests (and we each found exactly what we were looking for in the final store).

*If you have a kid who is allergic to bees, it is probably not a good idea to bring that kid to a pick-your-own berry farm. We visited one on Saturday and had a modicum of luck picking raspberries (my arms are all scratched up from the raspberry canes). The crop was mostly picked-over and I could tell the best was yet to come. I could tell this in part because the acres of raspberry canes were full of honeybees, and there were far more flowers than berries. We also got a variety of other fresh-picked produce: some summer squash, some purple green beans, a chocolate bell pepper.

*I made buckwheat crepes for breakfast on Sunday and we ate them with the freshly picked raspberries, low fat ricotta, and homemade whipped cream.

*We went hiking on Sunday and I saw two (2) people on mountain unicycles. You know, like mountain bikes (of which there were many) but unicycles instead of bicycles. Those people? Are insane.

*Our haul from Target on Sunday afternoon: one new purse, black, (p)leather; one striped polo shirt, size Dan; one box of 500 count cotton swabs; one silicone spatula; two $5 DVDs (A Knight's Tale and The Karate Kid).

Good Advice for this Monday: If you buy a 2-liter of sparkling water at the grocery store and walk home with it in your backpack, let it sit for a while before opening. I didn't even think about it, and opened it over the sink, and a good 1/3 of it sprayed out everywhere, all over the clean dishes, all the way up the kitchen window, and all over me. And most of the carbonation was gone. Harrumph.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend, and I must ask what a chocolate bell pepper is like, I don't think I have ever tried one?
Also for some reason I found your account of exploding water rather amusing, probably because I too have done that to myself :)

Anonymous said...

OK...WHAT? Mountain UNICYCLISTS?! That right there is straight-up ridiculous. I hope those people have insurance.