Friday, September 05, 2008

I am someone who

...very rarely looks good in photographs, and thanks the Flying Spaghetti Monster that the guy who photographed her wedding managed to make her look at least OK. afraid of change sometimes.

...if asked to choose a beverage, will nearly always choose water.

...mourns each season in its passing.

...eats when she is bored sometimes.

...misses friends even when they are no longer friends anymore.

...feels a little nostalgia isn't necessarily a bad thing.

...wants to have adventures.

...loves meeting new people.

...thinks the sensation of chewing on tin foil is about the worst thing ever.

...hopes with quiet desperation for one presidential candidate to be elected rather than the other, if for nothing else then for the decisions and laws that could affect her future children.

...wonders how women pre-Jane Fonda and Title 9 stayed so thin.

...secretly wants to grab people's asses, like, all the time. books over and over because she considers them to be old friends.

...has always been afraid of getting older. getting a little stuck for ideas on how to use the bumper crops of Italian and Thai basil in the garden.

...needs at least one great big hug every day.


Sara said...

"...wonders how women pre-Jane Fonda and Title 9 stayed so thin."

They didn't, really! On Mad Men this week, there was a swimsuit fashion show at a country club and there was lots of jiggling going on. Hotcha!

Hillary said...

Send the basil to me!!!
Even though I love living in a city, I am secretly jealous of people who have gardens.
I paid $2.98 for a small bunch of fresh dill last night because the green grocer was closed and I had to buy from the fancy organic supermarket instead.
*shakes fist*