Monday, November 03, 2008

The only year it didn't bother me was 2005 because we were in China

I hate the fall time change.

There, I've said it. I love the spring one, because I see more daylight during my waking hours. I hate the fall one, because it's suddenly dark at 5 PM. This sucks. It usually takes me at least a week to get used to it, and both Dan and I are grumpy and crabby the whole time. I wish we could just stay on DST all year.

Here are some photos I took yesterday when we went for a walk a little after 4 PM, knowing we'd only have an hour left of daylight. We explored our street directly to the north for about 12 blocks, since neither of us had ever gone up that way. The biggest surprise was how many churches there were - and even a few that were no longer functional churches but that had either been turned or were in the process of being turned into expensive lofts.

This was the tallest hollyhock I've ever seen. It was at least 9 feet high. I couldn't get the entire thing in my camera frame. The sign on the church says "Slavery is wrong"

Also, I won't be officially blopping this year. We don't have internet at home and I'm just not willing to go to an internet cafe or something every weekend day of November. I do plan to post every day, plan to comment on the posts of people who are blopping, and plan to take lots of photos and put them up here for all to see. But posting all 30 days in November is just not feasible when the only reliable internet I have is at work.

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