Friday, November 14, 2008

Things I dreamed about last night that I hope never to dream about again

1. Breastfeeding someone else's baby. WTF?

2. Getting an itemized bill at my work from someone who decided to charge me for commenting on my blog.

3. My family getting injured in a fiery flatbed accident.

4. My mom deciding not to put up Christmas decorations.

I didn't mind the part about modeling (like in ANTM) for someone with a camera, partially nude, with props like my cat's tail. It was all artsy and black and white anyhow.


Abby said...

That sounds like quite the dream! I had a really odd one last night too, but mine involved less nudity, bills, and christmas and more hostage situations, my old high school, and scary gun scenarios.

Yank In Texas said...

At least you remember your strange dreams.

yournamehere said...

Great post.

That will be $5,000 please.