Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photographic evidence

My camera's batteries died on Christmas Eve, and I completely forgot about replacing them until a couple of days ago when I wanted to take a photo of the breakfast Dan made. I realized, then, that I had a month's worth of photos I hadn't looked at - and that I'd gone nearly a month without using my camera.

Today I sat down and looked at the photos I took of our Charlie Brown tree, of the last photos we have of Petra and Loki snuggling, and of our trip to California. It hurt. I think I'd been avoiding my camera so I wouldn't have to see those photos, taken when I was so sad, mourning Petra before she died and mourning her afterward. I got out of the habit of taking photos regularly, and it's something I enjoy, so I'm going to get back into it, and also get back in the habit of posting photos here.

That being said, here are some of the photos I took while we were in California for two weeks of December. The first ones are of the drive out, and the later ones I took at the new location of Berkeley Bowl (they have a NEW ONE NOW!). And the last one speaks for itself. I'll have a whole other post forthcoming with photos from Armstrong Woods, one of my favorite places in the world, but I gotta do some processing on those photos first. Because man, it's dark in there.

Taken in Green River, Utah, in an ice-fog. Every surface was coated with what was either snowflakes or ice crystals or both.

Note to advertisers: when shilling cheap-ass crappy burritos, "So nice, you'll taste it twice" is really NOT the sort of image you want to be selling.

Puppy pile! My sister, her husband, and their half-grown pup Astro.

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